Clairvoyance. My own true experiences !!!

Image So much has been said about “clairvoyance”, and so much lies have been uttered.

40 years now of experience has taught me to be circumspect and to try to understand what was made so readily available to me when people in need would ask for my help.  

Trying to Interpret what was revealed and offering it in a clear recognizable way to those who were consulting me, has been a very serious task trough the years. More than once have I been confronted with misunderstandings and disbelief. Many times have I had to modify my own assumptions of how “clairvoyance” was really working.

Being a born skeptic,made discovering that I could “channel” information I knew nothing about personally, quite overwhelming. How it all started ? This I would like to tell the readers of this post bit by bit. If you are interested, of course.

To live is to learn, or is to learn is to live; but every new day  permits me to discover how much more there is in the Universe I had not a clue about.

I do hope many of you will show some interest in a blog about “Clairvoyance”. Let me read what your experiences have been, whether good or bad, and let us continue from there.

Much Love and Bright Light I wish for us all.




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