Clairvoyance. My own true experiences !!!

Image So much has been said about “clairvoyance”, and so much lies have been uttered.

40 years now of experience has taught me to be circumspect and to try to understand what was made so readily available to me when people in need would ask for my help.  

Trying to Interpret what was revealed and offering it in a clear recognizable way to those who were consulting me, has been a very serious task trough the years. More than once have I been confronted with misunderstandings and disbelief. Many times have I had to modify my own assumptions of how “clairvoyance” was really working.

Being a born skeptic,made discovering that I could “channel” information I knew nothing about personally, quite overwhelming. How it all started ? This I would like to tell the readers of this post bit by bit. If you are interested, of course.

To live is to learn, or is to learn is to live; but every new day  permits me to discover how much more there is in the Universe I had not a clue about.

I do hope many of you will show some interest in a blog about “Clairvoyance”. Let me read what your experiences have been, whether good or bad, and let us continue from there.

Much Love and Bright Light I wish for us all.





About eugenevandelsen

Clairvoyance, religions of the world, universal history, classical music are my interests outside my own household. Belgian but citizen of the world.
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8 Responses to Clairvoyance. My own true experiences !!!

  1. Dear Eugene.. As a Medium and being Clairsentient myself I still ponder upon the mechanics of how it all works… I gave up years ago trying to figure it all out.. I just trusted in my guides and the ability I found I had to tap into that stream of energy that gave me the information about those whom needed the message…
    Some messages have been astoundingly accurate,and have blown both my sitters and myself away! , while others seemed a mish-mash of information that made no sense, even with my own interpretation… Which I try to avoid, as we can put our own impressions into the mix and confuse ourselves even further..

    I conclude its like a telephone wire.. some times the connection is direct, while at other times it gets re-routed via other communicators and others chime in on the same conversation.. I have had to decipher crossed messages given from doing Platform work in Spiritualist centres as I thought I had left a person.. Those in spirit’s energy was so strong they kept giving me information to the one I had left..

    having the ability to channel is a great privileged in serving spirit.. ( I retired from platform work last year and have only ever done the odd private readings.. Mainly serving churches and doing private readings to help them raise funds..

    Its a wonderful gift you have… … And thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.. I have seen many a comment upon Davids Posts.. So thank you Eugene..
    Blessings Sue

    • eugene1492 says:

      Dear Sue, I had nearly forgotten I ever wrote that prose and I am really grateful to you for telling me that you understand my queries about a gift so very few understand as religions have made it a taboo for ONLY G.od knows the future .. thus condemning themselves and the prophets they are so fond of.
      I have always been on the lookout for her or him who genuinely accepted to discuss Mediumship. So very few of the people I met were trustworthy and often thought that they were THE CHOSEN ONE. This frankly made me worry about the truth behind OUR messages … even though, as you, I have had so many proofs of their accuracy.
      It’s such a pleasure reading your posts Sue… but did not dare share my enthusiasm while I know my English is far from being perfect.
      Many blessings to you too amd please let us read and see many more of your works.

      • Eugene, your English is excellent… and So many put true Mediums in a bad light.. As they exploit for profit and then I feel they loose their skill and end up putting their own interpretation upon things
        We are energy beings and as such like attracts like.. And there are many who hover in the realm of spirit closer to the Earth who can also latch onto their ego… I have seen this happen many times..To those who profess to be spiritual .. As they become Full of their own self importance.. Of being a chosen one..
        I just smile as my own inner ‘knowing’ tells me what I need to understand.. As those who work with me do not push themselves forward.. For True guides guide and do not tell us what to do..
        I am happy you are reading some of my posts.. I have had some wonderful proof of the afterlife in physical circles.. Some of which you can find upon my blog if you look in my category lists .. Of my Life with Spirit, and Trance etc..
        Thank you for replying….
        Blessings Sue 🙂

  2. Genie says:

    Wow, The Little Prince is my all time favourite book, I still read it once a year, at least.

    • eugene1492 says:

      Hello Genie… I have chosen the image of the Little Prince because,for me, he represented the ideal human .. with his questions and his answers … Truly St.Exupery touched some of the deepest fibers of many of us with that beautiful story.
      Thank you .. but WHAT do you think about ” Clairvoyance ” ? Tell me.
      Warm regards.

      • Genie says:

        I believe clairvoyance is higher form of percieving — possibly another word for intuition, perhaps that are different — I’m not sure but I believe in these alternative higher forms of thinking more than jratinsl thinking. ….although one must use the rational mind to balance these other parts of the self because all parts of the self are healthy and we must integrate them all into one so they work together.

  3. May you have a Happy and Blessed New Year.. and I hope your wishes for all that you need come to fruition.. Sending Blessings in abundance for Health and Happiness.

  4. eugene1492 says:

    Thank you Sue .. thank you for reminding me this Blog still exists .. I should continue .. I would if interest is being shown about this difficult subject.
    Many blessings to you too, dear Sue, thank you for the wisdom you so devoutly shower on us…

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